Batch Oven for Evaporating Water from Sponge Material

Oct 02, 2014

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of an industrial batch oven used for evaporating water from wet sponge material. The batch oven speeds up the removal of water from the product. The equipment has sufficient capacity to heat 75lbs of steel and 200lbs of wet sponge material from 70° to 325° F within three (3) hours when loaded into a preheated oven.

The electrically heated batch oven has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F and a work chamber of 10’W x 5’L x 2’6”H. This batch oven is the second oven purchased by this customer and is designed to be stacked on top of the first batch oven. This batch oven is designed with top-down air flow which delivers air over the full width and depth of the heating chamber. The adjustable ductwork can be set for optimum air flow efficiencies. The oven is equipped with an expanded metal frame to support the product and a Magnehelic gauge to monitor the WC across the material.

“This batch oven can remove 180 pounds of water from wet sponge material within 3 hours. The oven is front loading and stackable which allowed our customer to increase their production rate without using up additional space in their facility.”  Nick Toci, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this industrial batch oven include:

  • A recirculation system with a 7,600 CFM @ 10 HP plug mounted blower
  • 48 Kilowatts heat input with SSR Control
  • Magnehelic Gauge mounted on control panel with sensor mounted on interior of oven