Belt Conveyor Oven to Dry Barrels for Leading Distillery

Feb 10, 2014

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a custom designed conveyor oven used for drying wooden alcohol barrels for a leading distillery. The customer ordered the drying oven to increase their production rate. The belt conveyor oven is designed with the capability to dry 160 barrels per hour. The barrels will be loaded on the conveyor belt 2 rows wide for a heating time of 20 minutes. 

The natural gas fired conveyor oven features 3,500,000 BTU’s and 79,000 CFM of recirculation air. The oven is designed with bottom-up air flow through the work chamber to deliver the air over the full width and length of the heating chamber. The ductwork is adjustable so it can be set for optimum air flow efficiencies.

“This belt conveyor oven was a customized solution for our customer to increase their production rate for drying barrels. At Wisconsin Oven we pride ourselves in finding solutions for our customers that meet or exceed their expectations.”  Nick Toci, Sales Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.

Unique features of this belt conveyor oven include:

  • A conveyor speed of 3.22 feet per minute which provides a heating time of 20 minutes.
  • A cool down system that utilizes a motorized damper to draw cooling air into the oven and exhaust it out at a volume of approximately 10,000 CFM.
  • 3 zones of heating for a total of 3,500,000 BTU’s. Burners are adjusted at the factory for optimum running efficiency.
  • An exhaust and fresh air system with the sufficient capacity to remove 240 pounds of moisture per hour at the normal operating temperature.
  • A safety railing on top of the oven around the perimeter with a ladder mounted on the right hand side of the oven painted OSHA yellow.

Ref# 5819A

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