Carousel Conveyor Oven to Leading Automotive Supplier

Feb 17, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a natural gas fired carousel oven used to cure urethane in molds. This carousel conveyor oven provides a single load/unload point for the operator. The industrial oven has a maximum operating temperature rating of 275° F and a carousel conveying system that is 30" wide with and outside diameter of 144".

 The design capability of the conveyor oven is based on holding various mold quantities and sizes on the carousel. The carousel has been designed to support 1,500 pounds and has an adjustable rotation speed of 2 to 10 revolutions per hour. The heater has been sized for product loading of 1,000 pounds per hour. A powered air seal curtain at each oven entrance reduces heat loss.

 The recirculation system utilizes horizontal airflow through the work chamber for optimal air flow efficiencies and heating of the molds that are traveling through the oven on the carousel. The two (2) 8,600 CFM @ 10 HP direct driven blowers that were provided are low maintenance, quiet operating and energy efficient.

 “The carousel design of this oven creates an efficient load and unload process. With both load and unload in the same position only one operator is needed for the operation. At Wisconsin Oven we work with our customers to provide the most efficient solutions for their process.” Gene Vetter, Senior Applications Engineer at Wisconsin Oven

 Unique features of this carousel oven includes:

  • Variable carousel speed
  • Powered air seal
  • Natural gas direct fired heating system
  • 117" wide load unload area to accommodate separate load and unload operators
  • Industrial burner rated at 600,000 BTUH