Cold Car Batch Oven for Stress Relieving of Weldments

Sep 14, 2015

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas fired cold car industrial batch oven for a custom metal solutions company. The batch oven is used for stress relieving steel assemblies weighing up to 20,000 pounds at temperatures up to 1,250°F. The cold car oven design provides the customer with ease of loading/unloading of larger loads along with energy efficient operation and excellent temperature uniformity.

The heat treating oven has work chamber dimensions of 10’0” wide x 15’ long x 10’0” high with an operating temperature range of 250°F above ambient to 1,250°F maximum. The cold car oven utilized Wisconsin Oven Corporation’s patented high efficiency Expandable Surface® design. The powered load/unload cold car is rated at a capacity of 20,000 pounds and limit switches were provided to limit the car travel in both directions.

A direct gas heating system is used on the industrial oven and a forced exhaust for rapid cool down. The recirculation system utilizes combination air flow and (2) 40,000 CFM @ 50 HP blowers to provide even heating and maximize temperature uniformity.

The stress relieving oven has a UL 508A certified and labeled NEMA 12 control panel. The customer required a 9-point temperature uniformity of +/-25° F at 1,200° F. The oven temperature is controlled and recorded by a Eurotherm Nanodac programmable recorder/controller. This cold car oven was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment to help reduce installation and start-up times.

“At Wisconsin Oven we work closely with our customers to design a piece of equipment that will improve their production process and result in consistent and reliable part quality. Focusing on the production process along with the optimal temperature uniformity ensure that the customer will be receiving the best equipment for their operation.” Gene Vetter, Application Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.