Conveyor Oven Preheats Power Modules Prior to Final Torque

Sep 21, 2012

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an electrically heated mini top flow conveyor oven for preheating powder modules to allow for proper application of final torque. The power modules will be loaded on the conveyor belt two rows wide and will have a production rate of 12 parts per hour.

The belt conveyor oven chamber is 2’10” wide x 3’4” long x 10” high. The maximum temperature rating is 149° F with a normal operating temperature of 104° to 131° F. The indexing belt conveyor system utilizes two (2) 15” wide independently driven conveyor belts with a herringbone style slide bed. The load and unload extensions are 1’0” long. The conveyor system includes a variable frequency AC drive programmed for a specified indexing time and rate. There is also an operator initiated index push button at the exit end of the conveyor.

The conveyor oven heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements, for a total of 12kW heat input. The recirculation system has a 1,700 CFM @ 1 1/2 HP direct driven blower and utilizes top-down airflow with adjustable louvers for optimum air flow efficiencies. The louvers deliver air over the full width and length of the heating chamber. The NEMA 12 control enclosure includes a PLC system with adjustable index timer, index time countdown display, and maintenance screen. The temperature is controlled by a Eurotherm 3216 temperature controller.