Conveyor Oven Preheats Tubes for the Oil Industry

Nov 19, 2007

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas fired bottom flow conveyor oven to preheat tubes for the oil industry, ranging in length from 6’ to 46’ at 350º F. The oven has a 47’0” wide x 12’0” long x 9” high chamber rated for 500º F maximum.

The oven is designed with the capability to preheat the inside of 25,800 pounds of steel tubes per hour from 70° F to 350° F. This rate is based on a conveyor speed of 4”per minute with 430 pound tubes loaded single file on 4” centers. The oven features a chain style conveyor with ten (10) strands of carbon steel chain spaced across the width on approximately 60” centers. An Allen-Bradley Powerflex variable frequency drive provides conveyor speed adjustability from 1.5 to 9” per minute. Five (5) emergency stop buttons were provided with one located at each corner of the conveyor, and one on the main control panel door.

The equipment is constructed with 4” thick tongue and groove panel assemblies. The interior and ductwork are constructed with aluminized steel which is resistant to corrosion. One (1) access door is provided on the sidewall and silicone ribbon curtains are located at each end of the oven to reduce heat spill out. The heating system features an Eclipse 320 AH burner rated at 3,000,000 BTU per hour, adjusted for optimum running efficiency. The recirculation system delivers the heated air vertically up from ductwork located below the chamber. The system features four (4) 31,000 CFM @ 25 HP recirculation blowers, for a total of 124,000 CFM.

The NEMA 12 control enclosure is mounted on the oven, and includes a main power disconnect switch. The controls feature IEC style push buttons, pilot lights, and motor starters. The temperature is controlled by a Honeywell UDC 2500 temperature controller and over temperature protection is provided by a Barber-Colman 7SL high limit controller. A Honeywell 7800 series flame relay with flame sensor and integral purge timer provides flame safety.

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