Curing Batch Oven for the Composites Industry

Oct 27, 2014

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a gas fired walk-in batch oven for curing resin on compound wound cylinders. The resin is curing onto the cylinders while they are being rotated in the oven. This eliminates the sagging of the resin while it cures. The curing batch oven has the sufficient capacity to heat the combination of 12,000lbs of steel and 3,200lbs of composite material from 70° to 350° F within 45 minutes when loaded into an ambient oven. 

The gas fired walk-in oven has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F and a work chamber of 8’W x 23’L x 8’H. The batch oven features guaranteed temperature uniformity (+/-10°F at 350° F) which was verified through a nine (9) point profile test prior to shipment. The recirculation system utilized combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product. The powered load car is designed for a load capacity of 15,200lbs and can rotate four (4) cylinders at one time. The maximum length each mandrel is 240” and the load car can be loaded outside of the oven.

“The ability to process four (4) cylinders at the same time allows our customer to maximize their production rate.”  Nick Toci, Sales Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.

Unique features of this curing batch oven include:

  • Can Style Construction
  • 42,000 CFM @ 30 HP Recirculation
  • 10,100 CFM @ 5 HP Exhaust
  • Powered Load Car 7’6” wide x 22’6” long with a 15,200 pound load capacity
  • Car powered by an AC Motor with a speed of 10 FPM