Curing Batch Oven With Rotating Drums For Medical Industry

Jan 26, 2015

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of an electrically heated walk-in batch oven with two (2) rotating drums for post curing of injection molded silicone rubber medical parts. Typically, these parts are placed in a tray on a cart which can cause them to stick together. The use of a rotating drum during the curing process of the silicone rubber parts prevents them from sticking together and allows for a uniform cure. This rotating technique can be used on any post curing of silicone parts such a medical components, baby bottle nipples, etc. The curing oven was designed to be thermally efficient and was placed into a clean room environment. All mechanical components were isolated from the clean room environment. The interior and exterior of the batch oven is constructed from 100% 304 stainless steel. 

The walk-in curing oven has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F and a work chamber of 4’6”W x 3’L x 6’H. The recirculation system utilized combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product. Doors on both ends of the oven allow for flow through manufacturing. The batch oven features guaranteed temperature uniformity (+/-10°F at 400° F) which was verified through a six (6) point profile test mounted within the rotating drum prior to shipment. One (1) rotating drum is loaded with parts and positioned in the curing oven at a time. The injection molded silicone rubber medical parts are heated to 400°F for 1 hour, which fully cures the silicone to its desired state.

“At Wisconsin Oven we are always looking for designs that provide our customers with the best product results. In this case a rotating drum during the curing process kept our customer’s silicone medical parts from sticking together while giving a very uniform cure.”  Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.

Unique features of this curing batch oven include:

  • Several removable interior access panels for cleaning
  • Rotating drum constructed from 100% 316 stainless steel
  • All bearings in or near the work area were FDA food grade
  • MERV 14 HEPA filtration of the oven recirculation air stream
  • Programmable controller for controlled ramp, soak, & cool down
  • PLC with color touch screen HMI and Ethernet communication capability
  • Interior light with windows
  • Low particle design with particle sampling ports
  • Reinforced 304 stainless steel insulated floor
  • Drum rotation sensor