Draw Batch Oven used to Solution Treat Aluminum Rivets for the Aerospace Industry

Aug 16, 2012

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an electrically heated draw batch oven with a manual quench tank to solution treat aluminum rivets for the Aerospace industry. The customer solution treats the aluminum rivets by placing a basket of parts in a preheated oven to soak them at the specified temperature, and then manually opens the door and pulls the basket out onto the quench table to rapidly drop them into the ambient quench water.  

The aluminum solution treating oven is rated for a 1,200°F maximum operating temperature. The customer required temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 800°F and 1,100° F per AMS 2750D Class 2 furnaces and Type C Instrumentation. The basket size is 12” wide x 12” long x 8” high. Wisconsin Oven constructed the draw batch oven with 6” of insulation in a CAN style construction. The inner shell and ductwork are fabricated with 18 gauge 304 stainless steel. The non-heated manual quench tank is fabricated with low maintenance, corrosive resistant, 12 gauge 304 stainless steel.

The heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements and is rated for 36 kW heat input with SSR power control. The recirculation system provides combination air flow and utilizes a 2,800 CFM @ 3 HP blower. The horizontal solution treat system includes a UL certified NEMA 12 rated control panel with IEC style push buttons and pilot lights were provided on all of the draw batch ovens. The oven temperature is controlled by a Honeywell UDC 2500 temperature controller.