“How an Oven Maker in Wisconsin is Helping Launch Rockets into Space”

Apr 13, 2018

In a recently published article by Jim Dallke on www.americaninno.com, a few of Wisconsin Oven’s latest projects were discussed.

Dallke opens with, “Innovation is by no means exclusive to startups. Innovative technology can be found in companies large and small, old and new. It can even be found in a 44-year-old maker of industrial ovens.”

He then goes on to quote President and CEO of WOC, David Strand, by writing, “Aerospace companies use Wisconsin Oven to cure rocket parts in order to meet the demands that are placed on vessels as they enter space.  As the next generation of space travel begins, flights will be made possible by rockets that are processed by Wisconsin Oven, Strand said.”

The article also gives insight to Wisconsin Oven’s latest project, Wisconsin Oven University, which you can read more about at wisoven.com. Read the full article by visiting americaninno.com. Be sure to connect with Wisconsin Oven on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more content like this.