Industrial Batch Ovens to Automotive Supplier

Mar 11, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of two (2) direct gas fired batch ovens to a leading automotive supplier for tempering tire molds. The tempering process of the molds results in a longer mold life. This industrial oven was designed with the load capacity of 6,000 pounds and provides easy access of loading and unloading of tire molds by fork truck.

Each tempering batch oven has a maximum operating temperature rating of 800°F, work chamber dimensions of 5’0”W x 5’0”L x 8’0”H, and a 6” reinforced insulated floor. The recirculation system utilizes combination airflow which provides both horizontal and vertical upward airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product. The batch oven is equipped with a 10,850 CFM @ 15 HP belt-driven blower. Supply air is delivered through fully adjustable boxed ducts and side-mounted along the length on each side of the work chambers. The heating system features an industrial air heat burner rated at 850,000 BTU per hour.  


“Designing a solution for our customers that improves their production process is always a top priority. Improved work flow and ease of loading/unloading was a focus for this project to increase production efficiencies.” Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer, Wisconsin Oven Corporation


Unique features of theseis tempering batch ovens include: 

Load capacity to 6,000 pounds

575-volt electrical capacity

Operating temperatures to 800° F

3/16” plate construction for durability

High volume of air flow; 10,850 CFM

Motorized dampers for quick cool down 

Natural gas fired

Programmable controller

Meets all Canadian requirements – CUL, CSA TSSA

Field inspection provided by a trained factory technician

Temperature triggered door locks with safety pull cord