Preheat Batch Oven for Automotive Industry

Sep 15, 2014

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of an electrically heated batch oven to preheat automotive electrical connectors. This process allows for better epoxy flow during the potting process. Automotive electrical connectors use epoxy to hold the connecting pins and sockets in position for proper mating and the epoxy makes the plug or socket water resistant.

The electrically heated batch oven has a maximum continuous operating temperature rating of 650°F and work chamber dimensions of 4’6”W x 2’L x 4’H. The batch oven features guaranteed temperature uniformity (+/-15°F at 212° F) which was verified through a ten (10) point profile test prior to shipment. This batch oven is designed with five (5) right hand opening doors and five (5) left hand opening doors.

“Our customer’s previous oven required having a larger oven door opening and closing in order to load and unload fixtures with multiple parts. The process caused large temperature fluctuations in the entire oven chamber. Our solution for them was to replace the single larger oven door with 10 individual small doors allowing the loading and unloading of the product laden fixtures with limited heat loss. Each door is fitted with a limit switch that starts a process timer which in turn activates pilot lights which indicate “In Process” or “Process Complete”.  Elwyn Jones, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this preheat batch oven include:

  • Ten (10) individual doors with timers and process indicator lights
  • Compact design with opposing door openings
  • Reinforced integral insulated floor-4” thick
  • A recirculation system with a 1,700 CFM @ 1.5 HP direct driven blower


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