Radiant Gas Fired Batch Oven Anneals Spools of Aluminum Wire

Aug 07, 2007

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured the radiant gas fired batch oven pictured to the right. The work chamber  size is 14'0" wide x 24'0" long x 10'0" high and the maximum operating temperature is 1,000° F. The oven is designed for annealing large spools of aluminum wire. The spools of wireare fork trucked into the chamber and stacked up. This oven is a duplicate to a previous oven this custo mer purchased for this same application.

Features on this oven include:
• Electric vertical lift door with counter weight
• Four (4) recirculation blowers, each rated at 50,000 CFM @ 40 HP
• Stainless steel interior
• The oven shell, including the roof, utilizes Wisconsin Oven Corporation's pat ented, high efficiency Expandable Surface™ design with 6" thick insulation
• Indirect gas fired - 16 radian t tube burners (customer supplied)
• One (1) main combustion blower to feed all burners
• Adjustable slide plates at bottom of supply duct to provide optimum air distribution

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