Rotary Spindle Curing Ovens for the Aerospace Industry

Apr 11, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of four (4) electrically heated heavy duty Ferris Wheel batch ovens with rotary spindles for curing epoxy on aerospace actuators. Three (3) of the curing ovens will be shipped within the United States and one (1) of the ovens will be shipped to Vietnam. The customer requested a design that offered a compact foot print to save valuable space in their facilities. The curing ovens do the same process as the customer’s previous ovens, but now only ¼ of the floor space used.

The rotating Ferris Wheel design is ergonomic for the operator and allows for easy loading, unloading, and epoxy application. The Ferris Wheels within the curing ovens are equipped with 20 independently rotating spindles and the continuous rotating of the spindles prevents the applied epoxy from dripping.

The industrial ovens have sufficient capability to heat 200 pounds of product and Ferris Wheel components from 70° to 250° F within a 2-hour period. The oven has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F and work chamber dimensions of 3’4” W x 3’6” L x 3’6” H. The customer required varying temperature uniformity which was verified in a ten (10) point profile test.

“At Wisconsin Oven we work with our customers to improve their production process and maximize their use of facility space. These ovens were designed with the operator in mind to make the production process more efficient. In addition to efficiency we were able to save the customer valuable floor space with a compact design.” - Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.

Unique features of these Ferris Wheel batch ovens include:

  • 100° F to 500° F operating temperature range
  • Temperature uniformity of ±2° F at 100° F; ±4° F at 200° F; ±6° F at 300° F; ±8° F at 400° F; ±10° F at 500° F in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions
  • Multiple access doors (5) for maintenance, loading/unloading, epoxy application
  • Interior light
  • Viewing windows
  • Door safety interlocks
  • Electrically heated – 72 kW
  • 3,400 CFM recirculation
  • Class A oven rated for solvents; 900 CFM exhauster
  • Motorized dampers for controlled heating & cooling
  • Stainless steel Ferris Wheel components
  • Programmable temperature controller with receipts
  • PLC controlled with data acquisition

#04025ABC, #09124A