Save $$ with Wisconsin Oven's High Efficiency Oven Line!

Oct 20, 2007

Wisconsin Oven is proud to announce their E-Pack™ Oven upgrade. This optional Energy Efficient package, which includes thicker wall panels, higher efficient motors, a door limit switch, and a few other energy saving items, will reduce operating costs, which saves thousands of dollars! How much money can your customer expect to save? A gas-fired batch oven with chamber dimensions of 8’ wide x 12’ deep x 8’ high, operated 55 hours per week, can realize annual savings of nearly $4,000. An electrically heated oven used 40 hours each week, with a 4’ x 4’ x 4’ chamber, will have annual savings of about $1,300. Click here to view a chart that provides some additional examples.

Click here to estimate specific cost savings by filling out our E-Pack™ Savings Calculator. Enter your customer’s energy cost, burner rating, hours of operation per week, normal operating temperature, overall wall area, and the HP of the recirculation and exhaust blowers. We will use this information to estimate hourly and yearly operating cost savings, as well as total savings over a 15 year period.

Not only will the E-Pack™ reduce operating costs, your return on investment will be measured in months, not years! A typical payback for the initial investment is in the 9-15 month range. Contact Wisconsin Oven’s sales department at 262-642-3938, or by email at for further details.

Wisconsin Oven still offers their exclusive 3-Year Heat & Recirculation Warranty on standard batch ovens, including the E-Pack™ Oven Line, with maximum temperature ratings of 800° F or less. This warranty covers all materials and labor for the main recirculation and heating components, including the temperature controller. Detailed information is available at