Spindle Conveyor Oven Cures Photos on Ceramic Mugs

Sep 07, 2012

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured an electrically heated horizontal spindle conveyor oven for curing photo transfers on ceramic coffee mugs. The ceramic cups will be loaded on 7” high spindles and conveyed through the oven for the curing process. The customer offers quick delivery times on its products so a high production rate is necessary. When preheated, the curing conveyor oven is capable of heating 1,350 ceramic cups per hour without damage to the product.

The spindle conveyor oven chamber is 4’0” wide x 15’0” long x 1’0” high. The maximum temperature rating is 500° F with a normal operating temperature of 450° F. The conveyor system consists of 8 lanes of spindles placed on 6” centers. The load extension is 4’0” and the unload extension is 6’0” long. The conveyor system also includes 4 emergency stop buttons and a proximity sensor with an audible alarm in the event the conveyor unexpectedly stops.

The heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements, for a total of 192kW heat input with SCR power control. The recirculation system has a 13,000 CFM @ 15 HP blower and utilizes top-down airflow with adjustable louvers for optimum air flow efficiencies. The louvers deliver air over the full width and length of the heating chamber. The NEMA 12 control enclosure is UL labeled and certified. The temperature is controlled by a Honeywell UDC2500 digital indicating controller.

Ref# 2464A 

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