Stackable Batch Ovens for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief of Aerospace Parts

Jun 08, 2015

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of three (3) gas fired batch ovens for an aerospace parts manufacturer. The batch ovens will be used for hydrogen embrittlement relief of chrome plated landing gear. Due to production demands, the customer needed three (3) industrial batch ovens but limited floor space did not allow for the batch ovens to be placed side by side. The Wisconsin Oven team provided a customized solution that utilized stackable batch ovens to meet the customer’s production requirements within the space available.

During the hydrogen embrittlement relief process various parts will be placed on a pallet in the heat treating oven for periods up to 24 hours. The heating will allow the hydrogen trapped in the chrome plating to be released. To maintain versatility, the ovens are independently controlled and safely secured. The gas fired industrial ovens have a maximum temperature rating of 500°F and work chambers of 7’0”W x 13’0”L x 2’6”H. The ovens are designed with horizontal air flow which is ideal for products arranged on multiple tiers when heated airflow cannot be directed vertically through the product. The adjustable ductwork can be set for optimum air flow efficiencies.

The heat treating ovens have pneumatic operated bi-parting doors to allow the doors to be opened by the operator from ground level. The integrated insulated floors are rated for a 4,000 pound evenly distributed load and there are guard rails to protect the inside of the ovens. The industrial ovens have Wisconsin Oven Corporation's patented, high efficiency Expandable Surface™ design and meet AMS2750E Class 3, Instrumentation D.

“At Wisconsin Oven we strive to maximize our customer’s production capacity within the floor space available. In this case, we needed to design a set of stackable ovens so the customer could meet production demands in a small footprint.”  Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer of Wisconsin Oven.

Unique features of this batch oven include:

  • 10,000 CFM @ 10 HP recirculation blower
  • 600 CFM @ ½ HP exhaust blower
  • 900,000 BTUH direct fired burner
  • Structural framing to elevate oven above each other
  • UL (508A) certified & labeled control panel
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC & 10" PanelView Plus 6 HMI
  • Process timer with auto shut-down
  • Guaranteed soak feature
  • Programmable Eurotherm 3504 temperature controller with 25 programs
  • Eurotherm Nanodac digital paperless recorder