Steam Heated Batch Oven Cures Adhesive Resin onto Abrasives

Sep 08, 2011

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a steam heated walk-in batch oven to cure water based adhesive resin onto abrasives. The oven was designed to process 35,000 pounds of product with a guaranteed temperature uniformity of +/-5° F at 240° F (confirmed via 20 point profile test).

The curing oven has chamber dimensions of 17’6” wide x 21’4” long x 7’6” high and a maximum operating temperature of 300º F. The oven is constructed with high efficiency panel assemblies that provide 25% better insulating efficiency than standard panels.

The recirculation system has a 25,000 CFM plug mounted blower with a 25 HP motor. The air will be supplied to the work chamber from a roof mounted heater house and the oven ductwork has adjustable, factory preset nozzles for optimum air flow efficiencies. The nozzles are arranged for top-down air flow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product. Two (2) jumbo suction fans rated at 6,680 CFM at 31” of static pressure were provided to return the hot air to the heater house.

The heating system for the industrial batch oven features two (2) row steam coils rated at 2,000,000 BTU per hour input total at 120 PSIG steam. A steam humidification system for humidity injection into the heating chamber and interior lighting with five (5) metal halide lamps was also provided. The curing batch oven has a UL certified and labeled NEMA 12 control enclosure and is controlled by an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756 PLC.

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Reference # 2293A