Top Load Oven to Re-Twist Helicopter Blades

Jul 19, 2007

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured the electrically heated top load oven pictured to the right, to re-twist helicopter blades. The oven has a 2’0” wide x 24’0” long x 1’8” high chamber rated for 350º F maximum with a reinforced insulated floor.

The top load oven has four (4) manual lift counterweighted doors that open and close in succession (pneumatic and motorized door lift systems can also be provided). The equipment includes a vacuum piping manifold with four (4) connection points for the customer’s vacuum system.

The recirculation system delivers the heated air from ducts on both sidewalls of the chamber at one end of the oven, across the work, and returns the air at the other end of the chamber. The unit was sold with a guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±15º F @ 290º and achieved +0.8,-3.3º F!

The heating system features plug-mounted incoloy sheathed elements rated at 72 KW heat input with SSR power control. The heaters are designed so that should a heater fail, the equipment will continue to operate at near full heat input until maintenance downtime can be scheduled at a more convenient time. For more information on our Top Load Ovens click here to visit our website.

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