Wisconsin Oven Develops Premium Control System™ for Composite Curing Ovens

Sep 30, 2019

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce the development of their Premium Control System™ for use on Composite Curing Ovens. This system provides industry-leading control and data-acquisition for Wisconsin Oven’s composite cure ovens. The Premium Control System™ is used by customers in aerospace and other industries where process control is extremely critical. This technology plays an important role in optimizing the curing process and is designed for composite processing. Throughout the development Wisconsin Oven worked with aerospace industry leaders to ensure that they system would meet the needs of customers processing composite material.

Wisconsin Oven has an extensive history in the design and manufacture of composite curing ovens. They were one of the pioneers in the industry to offer an out of autoclave curing solution for composite materials. Throughout the years Wisconsin Oven has developed lasting partnerships within the industry that have allowed them to develop equipment options and controls to best serve customer application requirements. For more information on Wisconsin Oven’s premium control system and composite curing ovens, visit our website at https://www.wisoven.com/products/batch-ovens/composite-curing-ovens. Connect with us on social media through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest company and industry news.