Wisconsin Oven Employee Wrote an Article Published on Process Heating

Jan 19, 2018

Resource: https://www.process-heating.com/articles/92510-drying-non-uniform-and-heat-sensitive-products

Richard Hoffmann of Wisconsin Oven Corporation recently wrote an article for Process Heating. The article goes in depth discussing the drying processes for non-uniform and heat-sensitive products.

“Uniformly drying a non-uniform product is difficult. Decreasing the drying time of heat-sensitive products is challenging. One example is a three-dimensional product saturated with water — for instance, molded-fiber packaging products. Other examples of demanding drying applications include:

  • Drying water-based finishes applied to nonwoven fabrics without melting the polymer fabric.
  • Kiln-drying lumber in an accelerated manner without case hardening, splitting or cracking.
  • Drying pressure-sensitive adhesives on release liners without skinning or blistering.

Lightweight, nonwoven fabrics vary in thickness and basis weight after being formed. Uniformly drying a saturated finish without overheating the lightweight areas of the fabric is difficult. Drying lumber takes forever and a day. Actually, it requires many days, and aggressive attempts to reduce the drying time can result in boards splitting or cracking. Effectively drying pressure-sensitive adhesives presents a host of issues for web converters like label manufacturers.”

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