Wisconsin Oven to Ship Three Custom Conveyor Ovens to the Molded Fiber Industry

Sep 29, 2023

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is scheduled to ship three (3) custom dryers to a manufacturer in the molded fiber industry. The ovens will be used for drying thick-walled paper pulp molded fiber packaging material used in a variety of products. Molded fiber packaging is made of 100% recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly solution for companies looking to use sustainable packaging and reduce their environmental impact.

These paper pulp drying conveyor ovens are designed with four (4) temperature zones, and each has the sufficient capability to remove 850 pounds of water per hour from the molded pulp. The ovens feature a maximum temperature rating of 500°. The work chamber dimensions are 8’ W x 120’ L x 1’ H. A total of twelve (12) personnel access doors with explosion relief latches are located on the sides of each unit. Each unit also has stainless steel sheet metal and structure on the wet end to reduce corrosion.

The conveyor ovens are designed with top-down and bottom-up airflow to maximize the drying rate of the paper pulp shapes. The flat wire belt continuous conveyor system uses a variable frequency drive that is adjustable from 0-3 FPM. Emergency stop buttons are located at the load and unload sections of each oven for operator safety.

“These ovens are designed with multiple temperature zones to give the customer the flexibility to adjust the temperature throughout the ovens as the product moves through the 120’ long work chamber. They also utilize separate exhaust ducts for each zone, to allow adjustment based on the water evaporated in each zone.” 
– Mike Grande, Vice President of Sales

Unique features of these drying conveyor ovens include: 

  • DataSense™ industrial IoT system, remote troubleshooting and reduced downtime 
  • Four (4) separate zones of control
  • Stainless steel wet end to reduce corrosion
  • Twelve (12) personnel access doors on each unit with explosion relief latches
  • Four (4) maintenance access plugs on each unit for ease of maintenance
  • Variable frequency drive for conveyor speed control
  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with 15” Panelview Plus 7 HMI 
  • Ethernet communication capabilities
  • Top-down airflow to optimize the heat-up and uniformity of the product load


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