Wisconsin Oven Ships Batch Oven to Leader in the Engineering Industry

Sep 11, 2018

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce the shipment of an electrically heated enhanced duty walk-in oven to a leader in the technology industry. The batch oven will be used for composite curing small parts and has the capability to heat 16,000 pounds of a composite material from 70° F to 350° F within 6-7 hours.

This composite curing oven has work chamber dimensions of 10’0” wide x 18’0” long x 10’0” high and a maximum operating temperature of 500° F. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5°F at set points of 95° F and 425° F was documented to ensure the oven meets AMS 2750E, Class 1 furnaces and Instrumentation Type D requirements.

“Always a great feeling to walk in a new facility with a Wisconsin Oven.

Testing this beauty at 25 points for +/-5° F. Holding great and passing with flying colors.”

-Andrew Basset, President of Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry

Unique features of this composite curing oven include:

  • 12-gauge aluminized floor shipped loose
  • Three (3) 6,000 CFM @ 7 ½ HP direct-driven blowers
  • Programmable temperature controller
  • Digital high limit controller with manual reset
  • Digital progress timer
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5°F at set points of 95° F and 425° F

This composite curing oven was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment from our facility. All safety interlocks are checked for proper operation and the equipment is operated at the normal and maximum operating temperatures. An extensive quality assurance check list was completed to ensure the equipment met all Wisconsin Oven quality standards. This equipment is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 5-Year WOW™ warranty (parts only). #12845A