Wisconsin Oven Ships Batch Ovens to the Manufacturing Industry

Feb 29, 2024

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce the shipment of two (2) custom-designed Gas Fired Batch Ovens with roll-up doors. The ovens will be used to hold molded urethane wheels prior to a curing process.

The batch ovens have a maximum operating temperature of 350°F and work chamber dimensions of 9’ wide x 4’6” long x 10’6” high. The ovens are designed with electrically operated roll-up doors in the front of the oven constructed from high-temperature fabric. The door controls allow the door to open halfway or all the way by a command from a loading robot. In addition to the roll-up door on the front, a bi-parting, side-hinged, horizontal swing door is located on the rear of each oven.

These batch ovens feature a horizontal airflow arrangement, which is ideal for products arranged in multiple tiers where heated airflow cannot be directed vertically through the product. Both ovens utilize a Watlow F4T digital controller that includes a 4.3" color touch screen, PID temperature control with adaptive tuning, and Ethernet communication capabilities for temperature control. A remote display for the flame relays is also mounted to each control panel to provide an annunciation of operation along with fault and diagnostic information.

 “Using a roll-up door design greatly reduces the overall oven height in comparison to vertical lift doors. This type of design can be used for applications with operating temperatures up to 300° F or even higher in certain cases.”

– Tom Trueman, Sales Engineer

Unique features of these custom batch ovens include:

  • Electrically operated roll-up doors
  • Robot-operated door controls for loading and unloading
  • Horizontal swing door at the rear of each oven
  • Air heat burner rated at 1,200,000 BTU per hour
  • 6,000 CFM direct-driven recirculation blower
  • Watlow F4T temperature controller
  • Ethernet communications capability

These custom batch ovens were fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment from our facility. All safety interlocks were checked for proper operation and the equipment was operated at the normal and maximum operating temperatures. An extensive quality assurance check list was completed to ensure the equipment met all Wisconsin Oven quality standards. This equipment is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 2-Year WOW™ warranty (parts only).  



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