Wisconsin Oven Ships Belt Conveyer Oven to a Specialty Coatings Company

Dec 20, 2017

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped an electrically heated belt conveyer oven to a specialty coatings company. The belt conveyer oven will be used for drying coating on titanium and stainless steel fasteners. This is the second conveyor oven purchased by this customer for drying coatings on metal parts.

The maximum operating temperature of this conveyor oven is 400°F and the work chamber dimensions are 4’6” W x 7’3” L X 9’0” H. The drying oven is designed with the capability to heat 1,300 pounds of fasteners per hour and 220 pounds per hour of trays with a production rate of 43.5 trays per hour.

The conveyor oven body is constructed with Wisconsin Oven Corporation’s patented, high efficiency Expandable Surface™ design and has two (2) personal access doors. The recirculation system features top-down airflow to pass the heated air vertically down through the work chamber as the parts are conveyed through. The conveyor system utilizes a 304 stainless steel standard duty flat wire belt and variable frequency drive so the conveying speed can be adjusted as needed.

 “Our repeat customer base is a testament to our dedication to customer service. This is the second oven of this type purchased by our customer for their coating process and we look forward continuing to do business with them for years to come.”- Nick Toci, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this belt conveyer oven include:

  • Top-down airflow to maximize heating
  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 variable frequency AC conveyor drive
  • 6,000 CFM @ 7 ½ HP belt-driven blower
  • 400 CFM @ ½ HP exhaust
  • Rated for Class A use
  • 72 kW heat input
  • Tongue & groove panel assemblies featuring our patented high efficiency panel seams
  • Programmable temperature controller with Ethernet capabilities