Wisconsin Oven Ships Car Bottom Oven and Fume Incinerator to the Oil and Gas Industry

Apr 25, 2017

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped an LP Gas Fired Heavy Duty Car Bottom Oven with Fume Incinerator to a repeat customer in the oil and gas industry. This is the seventh oven of this type ordered by this customer, all destined for locations in 5 different countries. The oven will be used for thermal cleaning to burn-off residue in oil drilling pipes. Once the pipes are burned out they are recoated. This method is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning out the oil from drilling pipes.

This car bottom oven has a maximum temperature rating for of 800° F with work chamber dimensions of 8’6” W x 50’0 L x 8’6” H. The customer required guaranteed temperature uniformity of +/- 30° F at 750° F (±10° F was obtained) which was verified through a twenty (20) point profile test. The industrial oven has sufficient capability to heat 70,000 pounds of steel from a cold start to 750°F within 75 minutes. The load car is designed for a maximum loading for 172,000 pounds.

The fume incinerator, located on top of the thermal clean oven, eliminates the exhaust fumes created by the burn out application. The incinerator system has sufficient capacity to handle 5,000 CFM of exhaust and will remove the visible smoke from the air stream. The top portion of the fume incinerator is split for ease of access for maintenance.

 “Due to the burn off application performed by this oven it was important to add the fume incinerator to minimize the impact on the environment. The incinerator eliminates the exhaust fumes created when burning off the oil in the pipes. This oven also features the E-Pack™ upgrade with design features for more efficient energy usage.- Tom Trueman, Application Engineer

Unique features of this car bottom oven include:

  • Heavy duty patented construction

  • Tight uniformity

  • Self-powered load car

  • Exhaust fume incinerator

  • Robust design

  • Load capacity of 172,000 pounds (86 tons)

  • Can handle up to 50’ long drill pipe, 144 pieces at a time of standard size drill pipe

  • Ladder for access to roof mounted components

  • Safety railing around roof perimeter

  • 8.5 million BTUH burner

  • 100,000 CFM of recirculation featuring combination airflow

  • 20,000 CFM quick-cool fan

  • PLC controlled

  • Data logging

  • Custom designed operator interface

  • Can operate by natural gas or LP gas (liquid petroleum)

  • Shipped via sea container

  • Uses rail car wheels