Wisconsin Oven Ships Carousel Oven to the Energy Industry

May 31, 2022

Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) carousel oven to a leading manufacturer in the energy industry. The oven will be used for curing epoxy in electrical transmission components.

These carousel ovens are available in any heat type and with a variety of custom configurations. There is also a wide range of load weight capacities. Wisconsin Oven also provides a NEMA 12 control panel, fully wired and tested.

This oven has a maximum temperature of 300°F, with a top-down airflow. It boasts a 3,400 CFM, 72 kW heating system that evenly heats parts to exacting specifications.

“Wisconsin Oven carousel ovens are perfect for saving valuable floor space on your production line. This oven has been factory assembled, adjusted, and tested prior to shipment to the client. We do this to ensure quick start-up and installation.”

– Mike Grande, Vice President of Sales

Unique features of this carousel oven include:

  • 7'0" W x 7'0" L x 3'0" H chamber
  • Carousel conveyor with 18 positions
  • One index every 2.4 minutes
  • 43-minute heating time
  • FM, NFPA, and NEC compliance



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