Wisconsin Oven Ships Conveyor Oven to the Automotive Industry

Jun 30, 2022

Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) gas-fired chain conveyor oven to a manufacturer in the automotive industry. This oven will be used for tempering automotive transmission shafts.

The tempering oven has a maximum temperature rating of 392°F and chamber dimensions of 4’ W x 27’ L x 2’6 H. The oven is designed with three (3) heating zones, to meet a production rate of 450 parts per hour. The recirculation system provides 50,250 total CFM and utilizes top-down airflow to optimize airflow efficiencies and temperature uniformity.

The conveyor system is a continuous chain style that features laser-cut fixtures attached to the chain to hold parts vertically as they are moved through the oven. The conveyor oven is manufactured with 4” panels and heavy-duty construction to handle heavy load weights.

“Our team at Wisconsin Oven works closely with customers to provide custom solutions for their unique challenges. For this project we designed laser-cut fixtures to carry the customer’s parts vertically through the conveyor oven. This method of transferring parts through the oven allows for a very high production rate in a small footprint.”

– Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this custom conveyor oven include:

  • Top-down airflow to optimize the heat-up and uniformity of the product load
  • Sufficient capability to temper 450 parts per hour
  • Continuous chain conveyor with custom laser cut fixtures to hold parts
  • Digital temperature controller/recorder with Ethernet capabilities
  • Three (3) independently controlled heating zones
  • 50,250 total CFM (16,750 CFM per zone)

This tempering conveyor oven was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment from our facility. All safety interlocks were checked for proper operation and the equipment was operated at the normal and maximum operating temperatures. An extensive quality assurance checklist was completed to ensure the equipment met all Wisconsin Oven quality standards. This equipment is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 3-Year WOW™ warranty (parts only).




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