Wisconsin Oven Ships Conveyor Oven for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

Oct 13, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped one (1) natural gas (direct) fired two zone indexing conveyor oven withcooling. The indexing oven will be used for hydrogen embrittlement relief of steel parts.

The conveyor oven has a maximum operating temperature of 600°F and work chamber dimensions of 3’ W x 32’ L x 3’ H. The design capacity of the conveyor oven, when preheated, has sufficient capability to heat 2,670 pounds per hour of steel from 70° to 500°F and has a tolerance of ±10°F from the set point of 500°F. The oven ductwork features adjustable, factory preset louvers for optimum air flow efficiencies. They are arranged for combination air flow through the work chamber with a total rating of

38,000 CFM @ 30 HP. 

The conveyor system consists of four (4) carbon steel roller chains and an internal slide bed. The production rate is based on loading one stack of trays four (4) high on the conveyor and indexing them through the oven. Each stack of trays weighs 2,000 pounds. The design of the conveyor oven maximizes the amount of product processed by utilizing separate zones. Zone one will contain two (2) stacks of trays; zone two will contain five (5) stacks of trays and the cooling chamber will contain two (2) stacks of trays. The load and unload extensions are capable of holding two stacks.

 “The customer wanted to maximize their production rate, therefore we created a design which utilized multiple trays and zones to continuously process the parts.” – Nicholas Toci, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this oven include:

  • Four (4) personnel access doors, two (2) per side of the oven for ease of maintenance
  • Two (2) industrial air heat burners for a total of 1,200,000 BTU’s
  • A cool down system utilizing two (2) blowers rated 8,000 CFM at 5 HP
  • Programmable temperature controller with auto-tune function
  • Temperature recorder with batch tracking software, RS-485 and Ethernet communication capabilities