Wisconsin Oven Ships Conveyor Oven to Leading Supplier of the Automobile Industry

Oct 16, 2018

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a natural gas-fired two zone conveyor oven to a leading supplier of the automobile industry. The conveyor oven will be used for stress relieving automotive springs and has the design capacity to heat approximately 11,000 pounds of springs per hour.

The overall work chamber dimensions of this stress relieving oven are 11’3” wide x 24’3” long x 14’0” high. The maximum operating temperature is 650°C (1202° F) with guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5°C at set points of 520°C (968° F) and 570° C (1058° F) to ensure the conveyor oven meets the CQI-9, 3rd edition process Table E for stress relieving/annealing.

The gas-fired conveyor oven is designed with bottom-up airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity based on the part load configuration. Profile curtains are located at both ends of the conveyor to reduce heat spill-out. The continuous belt conveyor system utilizes a variable frequency drive to provide adjustable speed control.

 “For this project, temperature uniformity and airflow configuration were key elements to meeting the design capacity of heating over 11,000 pounds of parts an hour.” -Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this stress relieving conveyor oven include:

  • Temperature uniformity of ±5°C at set points of 520°C (968° F) and 570° C (1058° F)
  • Programmable temperature controller with auto-tune functionality
  • Digital process high limit controller and oven high limit controller
  • Digital recorder with Ethernet capabilities
  • Variable frequency drive provides adjustable conveyor speed
  • Heavy duty flat wire belt with flights to prevent springs from rolling


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