Wisconsin Oven Ships Custom Batch Oven to the Energy Industry

Jun 27, 2023

Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce the shipment of a Gas Fired Heavy Duty Batch Oven. The oven will be used for heating high-powered magnets used in the energy industry.

This batch oven has a maximum operating temperature of 500°F and work chamber dimensions of 17’ wide x 21’ long x 7’ high. The oven is designed with a vertical lift door at the front of the oven that includes two (2) windows and four (4) lights inside the oven chamber to illuminate the interior for viewing. One personnel access door is located on the door and another access door is at the rear of the oven.

This custom batch oven utilizes a combination airflow arrangement to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity. Temperature uniformity of ±5°F at 392° was documented with a fifteen (15) point profile test in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions. The oven temperature is controlled by a Watlow F4T digital recorder/controller that includes an easy-to-use touchscreen, graphical trending, and Ethernet communication capabilities.

 “This is the fourth oven that this customer has purchased from Wisconsin Oven. Each oven has been custom designed to meet our customer’s process requirements which included tight temperature uniformity documented with a fifteen (15) point profile test.”

– Mark Schahczinski, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this custom batch oven include:

  • Temperature uniformity of ±5°F at 392°
  • Interior lighting to illuminate the chamber
  • Two (2) 27,000 CFM recirculation blowers
  • Watlow F4T digital recorder/controller
  • One vertical lift, pneumatically operated door with two (2) windows
  • Eight (8) thermocouple check ports



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