Wisconsin Oven Ships Custom Conveyor Oven For Drying Paper Pulp Material

Sep 27, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a natural gas fired three (3) zone conveyor oven to a packaging manufacturer for drying paper pulp material. The recycled material will then be used in molded fiber packaging material for a variety of uses and industries. The environmentally friendly products are made of 100% recycled materials making them an excellent solution to companies looking to use sustainable packaging and reduce their environmental footprint.

The drying conveyor oven has a maximum temperature rating of 500°F with three (3) separate zones of control. The first two zones will have normal operating temperature of 420°F and 325°F, while the third zone is unheated for residual drying. The work chamber dimensions are 6’ W x 84’ L x 1’ H. Three (3) access doors were provided on the side of the oven body of each zone for a total of nine (9) access doors for ease of maintenance.

The conveyor oven utilizes top-down and bottom-up airflow in the first and second zone to maximize the drying rate of the paper pulp and only top-down air in the third zone. A flat wire belt was utilized for the continuous conveyor system along with a variable frequency drive that is adjustable from 0-3 FPM. Emergency stop buttons were located at the load and unload sections for operator safety.

“We work with our customers to develop the most effective design for their process needs. In this case three separate zones of control gave the customer the flexibility to adjust the temperature of the paper pulp drying process during the cycle without needing multiple units.”    - Mike Grande, Sales Manager 

Unique features of the drying conveyor oven include:

  • Three (3) separate zones of control
  • Conveyor extension load and unload ends
  • Nine (9) total access doors for ease of maintenance
  • Variable frequency drive for conveyor speed control
  • Emergency stop buttons at the load and unload ends
  • Programmable digital temperature controller
  • Over temperature controller
  • UL certified and labeled control panel


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