Wisconsin Oven Ships Draw Batch Oven to the Firearms Industry

Jun 22, 2017

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped an electrically heated draw batch series oven with air to water cool down to the firearms industry. The oven will be used for heat treating steel gun barrels under a nitrogen atmosphere. The equipment has sufficient capacity to heat 1,000 pounds of steel product and load basket from 70° to 1,125°F within 135 minutes (when loaded into an ambient oven).

The work chamber of this heat treating oven is 36” W x 36” H x 36” L and the maximum temperature rating is 1,250°F. The minimum temperature uniformity requirement was ±10°F at 1,125°F. Based on a nine (9) point temperature survey, this system achieved an 11°F temperature spread where up to a 20° spread was allowed. This batch oven offers a scale free process result without the expense of an exothermic gas atmosphere of vacuum furnace.

The customer came to Wisconsin Oven with issues of excessive scale buildup on their parts during the heat-treating process along with slow cooling rates (their current equipment was not able to maintain a proper atmosphere seal required for the process). Wisconsin oven designed and manufactured our Model SDB-666-E12/A/C including a nitrogen atmosphere system with a superior atmosphere seal to eliminate the scale. An atmosphere-to-water cool down system, which utilized the customer’s tower water was included. This allowed for rapid cooling of the oven chamber, down to 300°F, before they opened the door to remove the load. This increased the customer’s production rate and allowed them to process more product each day.

“To reduce startup/debug time, Wisconsin Oven entered, and tested, the ramp/soak recipes into the controller prior to shipment. Wisconsin Oven’s Service Department also provided turn-key installation services to allow the customer a very quick timeline from delivery of equipment to the start of production.- David Burke, Sales Representative

Unique features of this industrial oven include:

  • 7,000 CFM @ 7 ½ HP recirculation blower
  • 72kW heat input with SSR power control
  • Atmosphere to Water cool down with machined modulating intake and outlet dampers (for sealed air tight cooling of hot chamber airflow) and heat exchanger
  • Eurotherm 3504 programmable recipe controller (25 recipe capability) and Eurotherm Nanodac recording system with four (4) analog input recording capability
  • UPS battery backup system utilized to open nitrogen solenoid valves and power the controlling/recording system if facility power is lost
  • Cast HK alloy wheel rail hearth