Wisconsin Oven Ships Electrically Heated Drop Bottom Furnace to the Aerospace Industry

Jun 18, 2024

Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Drop Bottom Furnace with traveling quench tank and maintenance platform. This system will be used for the solution heat treatment of aluminum parts for the aerospace industry.

The drop bottom furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 1,100°F and effective workspace dimensions of 3’6” W x 3’6” L x 4’0” H. An OSHA compliant maintenance platform provides ease of access for personnel to service the equipment. The quench tank capacity is approximately 1,700 gallons and includes fluid level control (low, fill, high), a lockable water drain port at the bottom of the tank, and an agitator for water circulation. The traveling quench tank is enclosed with safety fencing for added safety during operation.    

This drop bottom furnace is designed with sufficient capacity to heat 600 pounds of aluminum per load and provide a quench delay that does not exceed 5 seconds. The system also includes a slow drop speed program to be used for heating applications that do not require a quench. Click on this link to watch a video of this system in operation.

“This drop bottom furnace was designed with a 5 second quench delay, and a temperature uniformity of +/- 5°F at the set points 850°F and 1,100°F. In addition, the system was tested to be in compliance with AMS 2750F, Class 1 furnaces and Instrumentation Type C prior to shipment from our manufacturing facility.”  – Mike Grande, Vice President of Sales

Unique features of this drop bottom furnace include:

  • Traveling quench tank 5 second quench from start of door opening until full submersion
  • Documented temperature uniformity of +/- 5°F at 850°F and 1,100°F
  • Compliance with AMS 2750F, Class 1 furnaces and Instrumentation Type C requirements
  • Bi-parting pneumatically operated doors
  • 10,000 CFM @ 10 HP plug-mounted recirculation blower
  • 12” HMI screen mounted to a pivoting swing arm (to allow operators better line of sight of automated functionality) 
  • Digital Eurotherm temperature controller with fast acting advanced auto-tune
  • Installation supervision for ten (10) days at the jobsite


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