Wisconsin Oven Ships Electrically Heated Enhanced Duty Walk-In Series Oven to the Aerospace Industry

Aug 31, 2021

Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Enhanced Duty Walk-In Oven to the Aerospace Industry. This oven will be used for powder coatings and curing applications.

The maximum temperature for this oven is 500°F and the normal temperature is 450°F. The effective work zone dimensions are 4’ W x 6’ H x 5’ L. The system’s floor will consist of 20-gauge 304 stainless steel reinforced integral insulation (2” thick) and 12-gauge 304 stainless steel wheel guides.

This system features bi-parting, side-hinged, horizontal swing doors at one (1) end, and customer-specified paint color.

“This Electrically Heated Enhanced Duty Walk-In Oven was designed to the most the exact specifications the client requested. It also includes our EPack energy efficiency option and a cut out for a customer-supplied recorder.”

– Mike Grande, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this electrically heated enhanced duty walk-in oven include:

  • 4,500 CFM @ 5 HP direct-driven blower in compliance with NEMA Premium Efficiency Standards. The direct-drive blower has no drive belts, reducing maintenance costs.
  • 84 kW heat input
  • 25% better insulating efficiency with our patented high-efficiency panel seams
  • FM approved safety latches on the door
  • 600 CFM @ ½ HP manually adjustable exhaust blower
  • SCR Power control with backup contactors
  • Airflow safety switches
  • Combination airflow




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