Wisconsin Oven Ships Four Zone Conveyor Furnace to Aluminum Parts Manufacturer

Mar 28, 2017

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped a Natural Gas Fired Four Zone Solution Treatment Furnace to a manufacturer of aluminum components. The solution treatment furnace will be used to heat forged aluminum parts for AR15 rifles prior to quenching in water.

The maximum operating temperature is 1,100°F and the work chamber dimensions are 4’2” W x 60’0” L X 1’0” H. Each of the four (4) work zones will have dimensions of 4’2” W X 15’0” L X 1’0” H. The design capacity of the furnace is 1,500 pounds per hour of aluminum. The equipment achieved temperature uniformity of +/-10°F at 750° F and 1,100° F.

The conveyor furnace shell features “CAN” type, double-wall construction and includes 2” of 14# density high temperature industrial mineral wool insulation, backed with 6” of 6# density, industrial board type insulation, for a total of 8”. The shell, including the roof, consists of Wisconsin Oven’s patented high efficiency Expandable Surface Design®. The solution treatment furnace utilized a flat wire belt to transfer parts through the work zones.

“Temperature control and uniformity was a critical feature in the design of this system. The equipment achieves the tightest temperature tolerances available in the industry for a furnace of its type.”- Mike Grande, Sales Manager

Unique features of this industrial furnace include:

  • Temperature uniformity of ±10°F from the set point at 750°F and 1,100°F
  • Guaranteed soak of +/-10° F for 20 minutes
  • Heavy duty flat wire belt system to transfer parts into the quench tank
  • One (1) 6,750 CFM exhaust blower V-belt driven by a 5 HP motor
  • Four (4) 56,000 CFM recirculating blowers, each with 50 HP TEFCBB motor
  • Each zone is equipped with burners rated at 3.0 MMBTUH, for a total of 12.0 MMBTUH

# 09816A