Wisconsin Oven Ships Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven to Manufacturer in Composites Industry

Mar 21, 2019

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of one (1) Natural Gas Fired Heavy Duty Walk-In Series Oven to a manufacturer in the composites industry.

The Heavy Duty Walk-In Oven has a maximum oven operating temperature of 500° F and chamber dimensions of 18’ wide x 18’ long x 10’ high. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10° F at 365° F was documented with a forty (40) point profile test in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions.

This composite curing oven has sufficient capacity to heat 150,000lbs of mold and material (steel) from 70° to 335° F within 165 minutes. The walk-in oven includes tongue & groove panel assemblies featuring Wisconsin Oven’s patented high efficiency panel seams that provide 25% better insulating efficiency.

The composites industry is a growing industry with manufacturers continuing to find new applications and needs for lightweight composite materials. Wisconsin Oven is leader in the manufacture of composite curing ovens with thousands of installations worldwide.” – Mark Schahczinski, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this composite curing oven include:

  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10° F at 365° F
  • High efficiency tongue & groove panel assemblies
  • 18,000 CFM @ 10 HP cooling blower with motor operated dampers
  • Capacity to heat 150,000 lbs and cool 155,000 lbs
  • Pneumatically operated vertical lift door
  • Digital Yokagawa UP55 controller
  • Digital Yokagawa UT150L high limit controller (with manual reset)


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