Wisconsin Oven Ships Horizontal Quench Solution Treat System to a Supplier of the Aerospace Industry

Feb 19, 2019

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Horizontal Quench Solution Treat System to a supplier of the Aerospace industry.

The Horizontal Quench Solution Treat System has a maximum oven operating temperature of 1,200° F and work zone dimensions of 5’4" wide x 5’6" long x 5’4" high (above the rollers). Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5° F at set points of 250° F & 550° F and ±10° F at set points of 980° F & 1,100° F was documented with a nine (9) point temperature uniformity survey in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions in accordance with AMS 2750E.

This horizontal quench system was designed to heat a 565-pound gross load, consisting of a mixture of aluminum and steel, to 1,000° F operating temperature, provide a soak at temperature, and then quickly move the load into a quench tank. A powered pusher/extractor is used to load and unload the oven. A pneumatically operated lift system lowers and raises the load for quenching. This system achieved a quench time from the time the oven door starts to open until the load is fully submerged of less than 9 seconds.

“The Horizontal Quench System is a cost-saving alternative to Drop Bottom Systems and results in a quicker ROI. It may actually take up less total floorspace than some Drop Bottom Systems of the same chamber volume.” – Gary Hanson, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this solution treat system include:

  • Quench time that will not exceed 10 seconds from the time the door starts to open until the load is fully submerged
  • Motorized pusher/extractor to charge and discharge the load
  • Pneumatically operated quench tank lift system to lower/raise the load
  • Chiller system to lower quench tank temperature back to 80°F after a load has been quenched
  • Sequence control performed by an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix processor (programmed with Studio 5000 software) with a PanelView Plus 7 standard 10” HMI
  • Eurotherm programmable digital controller with 2 loops of control, one for the oven and one for the quench tank