Wisconsin Oven Ships Stress Relieving Oven to the Technology Industry

Sep 17, 2018

Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of a natural gas fired heavy duty stress relieving oven to a leader in the technology industry. This heat treating oven will be used for stress relieving various fabricated steel tanks.

The stress relieving oven has a maximum operating temperature of 1250° F and work chamber dimensions of 10' 1" wide x 7'6" long x 6'8" high. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±15° F at 1,130° F was verified through a nine (9) point profile test conducted in an empty chamber.

The batch oven has sufficient capacity to heat 6,060 pounds of steel from 70° to 1,130° F in approximately 120 minutes. The recirculation system utilizes combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity. The vertical lift door is pneumatically operated and two (2) sets of carbon steel skid rails are used for fork lift loading.

“The customer’s product is loaded into the oven with fork lift trucks so we designed an interior guard rail to prevent damage to the oven walls from the part racks during the loading process.”

-Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this stress relieving oven include:

  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±15° F at 1,130° F
  • A mechanical tubing guard rail around the perimeter of the oven interior
  • Programmable temperature controller with Ethernet communications
  • Digital high limit controller
  • Honeywell flame relay with integral purge timer
  • Digital recorder with Ethernet communication capabilities
  • High capacity exhaust blower with motorized dampers for controlled cooling
  • An automatic door safety latch to prevent accidental door drop during loading