Wisconsin Oven Ships Tempering Conveyor Oven to A Leader in the Steel Industry

Oct 28, 2016

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped an electrically heated indexing conveyor oven to a leader in the steel industry. The oven will be used for tempering steel shafts.  With no drive belts and a quiet operation, this industrial oven is low maintenance and minimizes noise exposure.

The maximum temperature rating for this indexing slat style conveyor oven is 450°F and work chamber dimensions are 2’4” W x 12’0” L x 8” H. The customer required a guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±9°F at 325°F for a minimum of 60 minutes. The conveyor oven body is constructed with tongue and groove panel assemblies featuring Wisconsin Oven’s patented high efficiency panel seams which provide 25% better insulating efficiency. The indexing conveyor system utilizes a slat style conveyor with nesting positions and variable frequency drive.

The production rate of this tempering oven is 277 shafts per hour. The shafts are automatically loaded onto the conveyor by the customer’s robot. Adjustable profile doors are provided at both ends above the conveyor to reduce heat spill-out. The recirculation system is designed with top-down airflow for optimal airflow efficiencies.

“At Wisconsin Oven, we know how important it is to maximize the energy efficiency of equipment to minimize our customer’s operating costs. We designed this conveyor oven with our energy saving panel design and features that minimize heat loss so our customer can reduce their energy costs.”- Tom Trueman, Senior Application Engineer

Unique features of this conveyor oven include:

  • Recirculation blower with 8,600 CFM @ 10 HP
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex variable frequency AC drive
  • Twelve (12) nesting positions per slat
  • Programmable temperature controller with motion capability
  • Emergency stop buttons at load and unload sections for operator safety
  • Ethernet communication capability