Wisconsin Oven Ships Two Batch Ovens to the Wind Power Industry

Jun 13, 2017

Wisconsin Oven Corporation shipped two electrically heated drawer ovens to the wind power industry. The ovens will be used to heat wind turbine bearings for shrink fitting onto a shaft. Each oven has the capability to heat a 1,636 pound load of steel from 70°F to 302°F within a 4-hour period.

The work chamber dimensions of these batch ovens are 3'4" W x 2'0” L x 4'0" H and the maximum temperature rating is 400°F. This customer was previously using induction heating, which provided poor temperature uniformity. The draw batch ovens achieved uniformity of 10° F at 302° F.

The industrial ovens each have four (4) drawers with a capacity of 410 pounds each, for a total of 1,640 pounds. The drawers are made of carbon steel construction with heavy duty wire cloth to support the load.

“At Wisconsin Oven, we want to provide the best solutions for out customers. To improve the temperature uniformity, we added manually operated drawers which allowed loading of one part via a drawer, without operating a large door and cooling the oven down." - Mike Grande, Vice President of Sales and Engineering

Unique features of these batch ovens include:

  • 400°F maximum operating temperature, 302°F normal
  • 4 manually operated drawers to carry the loads into the oven
  • 4,500 CFM at 5 HP recirculation system
  • Combination airflow, where the air is delivered to the load from both sides
  • 36 kW heating system