Wisconsin Oven Utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics Program to Optimize Oven Design for Custom Applications

May 21, 2020

Wisconsin Oven Corporation, located in East Troy, WI, has been designing and manufacturing industrial ovens for over four decades. They supply both custom and standard batch and conveyor ovens for applications such as drying, tempering, annealing, curing, and stress relieving. On custom projects their engineering team uses the latest technology in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to design a solution that provides the most effective processing for their customers’ parts and applications.

The CFD program simulates the airflow and heat distribution in a specific oven design. CFD is ideal for optimizing the duct design inside an oven. It calculates the expected velocity of the air at each location and identifies constrictions or turbulent flow so issues can then be corrected in the design phase of manufacture. CFD is also used to simulate the airflow around parts inside an oven which helps decide what style of airflow to use to ensure even heating of the product. By using CFD technology, Wisconsin Oven is able to optimize the design of an oven prior to building it.

For more information on the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in oven design please contact the Wisconsin Oven team at 262-642-3938. For more information on Wisconsin Oven products follow our social media on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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