Wisconsin Oven’s Mike Grande Writes Oven Safety Article for Process Heating

Feb 24, 2020

Wisconsin Oven’s very own Mike Grande, Vice President of Sales, was able to share his vast knowledge about oven safety in an article he wrote for Process Heating.

In his article, “Oven Safety is No Accident”, Grande covers the dangerous situations that can happen when operating industrial ovens and furnaces. He states, “Industrial ovens incorporate high temperatures, moving parts, and high voltage to do their job of heat processing.”

He continues on to discuss how there are safety procedures set in place to help prevent workplace accidents. He states that there are different standards for industrial ovens that are put in place by the National Fire Protection Association, which is commonly known as NFPA 86. Mike says, “In addition to the risk-abatement equipment and designs specified by NFPA 86, industrial oven manufacturers may offer additional safety features on their ovens to help protect personnel.”

Grande also reviews features that ovens can be equipped with to ensure operator safety. These items may include trapped-personnel pull cords, access door interlocks, and more. Read Mike’s full article by visiting Oven Safety is No Accident.