WOC U: The Future of Skilled-Trades

Apr 30, 2018

A decline in skilled-trade workers in the U.S. was first noticed back in 2012 and has been continuously dropping over the years. The cause of this decline is the fact that there are simply more tradesmen retiring than there are entering the field. Included in the skilled-trades are electricians, mechanics, welders, pipe fitters, and electronic and medical technicians.

There are many benefits of working in the skilled-trades. The most prominent benefit being the monitorial compensation for most of the jobs available. Paychecks earned from working in the trades are averaged at equal to or above other careers. Another benefit is that the skilled trades are never going away. In fact, the amount of job openings for the skilled-trades have been continuously increasing over the years and are predicted to keep increasing.

President and CEO of Wisconsin Oven Corporation, David Strand, noticed the need for more skilled tradesmen a few years ago and had envisioned a potential solution to this decline. What if there was a way manufacturing companies, such as Wisconsin Oven, could offer training programs for those looking to enter the skilled-trades? Wisconsin Oven Corporation is proud to announce that this dream has now become a reality as we introduce WOC U: Wisconsin Oven Universal Training Center.

Wisconsin Oven is currently accepting applications for those looking to enter the first module of their training program, Module 1 – Welding and Mechanical Assembly. This six-month program will be followed with Module 2 – Electrical Assembly, totaling one year to complete the full program. Participants can choose between either module or completing the full program.

While completing the programs, the trainees will be compensated with hourly wages. Once the program has been completed, participants will receive a certificate of completion and a letter that will detail their training and accomplishments. They are encouraged to apply for a position with Wisconsin Oven upon completion of the program. Trainees will also have the option to transfer their course work to Gateway Technical College for credits towards a degree.

To find out more information about WOC U, please visit wisoven.com. To fill out an application, click here, and send the completed application to hr@wisoven.com or mail it to:

            Wisconsin Oven Corporation

            Attn: Human Resources

            PO Box 873

            East Troy, WI 53120