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The condition and performance of all industrial equipment deteriorates over time and industrial ovens are no exception. Without a rigorous preventative maintenance program, many of the components used in industrial oven construction may fail and lead to unplanned maintenance issues. Wisconsin Oven Corporation understands the importance of maintaining equipment performance and minimizing any unplanned downtime, which is why we have partnered with DataSense® Technologies to offer their Performance Monitoring System on our industrial ovens.

This system uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology and tracks the performance and health of a variety of components and conditions on your industrial oven. The system features an IoT gateway, which collects information from predictive maintenance sensors that gather performance data of components on your oven. The gateway wirelessly transmits data to a cloud platform where it can be displayed in dashboards, which have been designed for easy viewing and monitoring. Thresholds can be set around warning or alarm conditions, and when exceeded immediate alerts notify the Wisconsin Oven service team. With the DataSense® Technologies Performance Monitoring System we are able to predict component failures on your industrial oven, giving you time to schedule maintenance and minimize unplanned downtime.


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Benefits of Performance Monitoring

The DataSense® Technologies Performance Monitoring System requires very little data to be effective at achieving most of our customer’s goals.  The most common measurements include vibration, temperature, current, and pressure. Some of the deliverables we can achieve with this data include:

  • Planned downtime- Data trends enable you to predict oven failures so you can schedule maintenance and minimize unplanned downtime.
  • Prioritize Preventive Maintenance – See what oven on your plant floor is being used most and schedule PM based on usage.
  • Monitor Energy Usage – Verify that your oven is not using more energy than you expect.
  • Review Process Performance – Verify that you are getting the most production capacity out of your oven.
  • Increase Productivity and Profitability – Optimizing equipment performance and minimizing unplanned downtime maximize the productivity of your oven and increase profitability.

DataSense® Features

  • Industrial Grade Sensors - Monitor various components of the equipment. 
  • Immediate alerts – Notifications about alarms sent through text and email.
  • Customizable Dashboards – Allow you to prioritize what data you want to see and how it needs to be displayed.
  • Custom thresholds- Customizable thresholds allow you to create warning or alarm conditions for your oven.
  • Alerts, wherever- With text and email alerts, you can receive real-time information about your oven immediately.

Installation Options:

Talk to us about how to incorporate our system on your industrial oven.

  • Incorporated into new equipment
  • Merged into existing equipment
  • Temporary machine “Wearables”
  • One sensor or many

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