Industrial Oven Process Information

Wisconsin Oven offers a variety of custom and standard industrial ovens in batch and conveyor configurations for a range of applications including aluminum aging, composite curing, heat treating, powder coating, and more. Many of these processes require temperature uniformity and specific equipment performance. Our experienced design team will engineer your industrial oven to meet even the most stringent process requirements. 

Adhesive Curing

Adhesives are used in many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, transport, clean energy, and others. Some adhesives can be cured at room temperature, while some are optimally cured by heat due to the adhesive’s chemical composition, or a need for greater bond strength or durability.

Aluminum Aging Oven

Aluminum can be aged or hardened in an industrial oven after it is solution annealed to the “O” condition while also using the proper hardening processes to achieve the desired physical properties for the given application.

Aluminum Solution Treatment

Wisconsin Oven manufactures aluminum solution heat treating equipment. The solution heat treatment process brings out the mechanical and physical characteristics that cause aluminum to have more durability.

Annealing Ovens

Annealing is a treatment consisting of heating a product in an industrial oven to and staying at a suitable temperature, followed by cooling down to a designated rate. This process is used to soften the material and produce improvements in other properties.

Baking Ovens

Baking is the process of heating a material surface to a low temperature in order to remove the entrained gases. Baking is a required process for the manufacturing of a variety of parts. Wisconsin Oven manufactures non-food industrial baking ovens.

Composite Curing Ovens

Composites are used in industries such as aerospace, transportation, and construction. Wisconsin Oven supplies high quality composite curing ovens.

Curing Oven

Curing is a common application in the finishing industry. A variety of coatings are cured on materials to provide a protective or decorative finish. Curing is also necessary to set adhesives or epoxy. Wisconsin Oven manufactures curing ovens in batch and conveyor configurations.

Drying Oven

Industrial drying ovens are used for removing moisture from a product. A wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and research laboratories utilize drying ovens. Wisconsin Oven manufactures industrial drying ovens in batch and conveyor configurations.

Foundry Oven

Foundries melt aluminum, steel, and other metals, then pour them into molds in a process known as casting. These molds require heating in an industrial oven. Wisconsin Oven manufactures many types of batch and conveyor ovens for use in foundries.

Paper Pulp Drying Ovens

Paper pulp drying is a process used in the molded fiber industry. The molded fiber industry manufactures recycled paper products such as drink trays, egg cartons, and protective packaging. A paper pulp drying oven uses convection technology to evaporate the moisture from the molded parts with heated air.

Out of Autoclave Ovens

Out of Autoclave technology eliminates the need to pressurize the entire chamber by using vacuum bag only (VBO) technology. OOA composite curing has gained popularity over the years as a cost effective alternative to high pressure autoclave composite curing.

Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating of metals is often favored by manufacturers because its finish is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is abrasion resistant and will not crack, chip or peel. Wisconsin Oven manufactures high quality powder coating ovens.

Pre-Heating Oven

Preheating of a part or material is often necessary prior to the next step in its production process. Wisconsin Oven manufactures both batch and conveyor style preheating ovens, depending on the production process.

Sand Core Dryers

Sand core dryers are commonly used in the foundry industry. These drying conveyor ovens are also referred to as mold dryers. Wisconsin Oven designs and manufactures conveyor ovens used as sand core dryers in the foundry industry.

Stress Relieving Oven

Stress relieving, or the relieving of stress in metals, is a very broad term used for all metals. Any form of working of the metal component may induce stress that may or may not need to be relieved. Wisconsin Oven manufactures stress relieving ovens and furnaces.

Tempering Oven

Tempering involves heating a quench hardened or normalized ferrous alloy to a temperature below the transformation range to produce desired changed in properties. Wisconsin Oven manufactures high performance industrial tempering ovens and furnaces.

Thermoforming Oven

The process of thermoforming involves heating a plastic sheet in an industrial oven to a pliable forming temperature in order to shape it into a mold, later trimming the excess plastic and creating a product that can be utilized.

Wood Drying Oven

Manufacturers of wood and cement board trim and siding find it beneficial to pre-finish boards prior to installation. Wisconsin Oven manufactures conveyor ovens used for wood drying, which results in more consistent and uniform coating on the material.