Adhesive Curing Ovens

The same principle of finish curing applies to adhesive curing: curing occurs when heat is applied to a material, creating a chemical reaction caused by cross-linking of polymer chains.  Adhesives are used in many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, transport, clean energy, and others.  Some adhesives can be cured at room temperature, while some are optimally cured by heat due to the adhesive’s chemical composition, or a need for greater bond strength or durability.  Epoxies and urethanes are the adhesives most often cured by heat.  A batch oven or conveyor oven can be used for adhesive curing based on the customer’s production requirements.  Wisconsin Oven manufactures industrial curing ovens in both batch and conveyor configurations.  These adhesive curing ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity, so your products and adhesives receive the optimal cure.

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