Aluminum Aging Oven

The aluminum aging process is a time-temperature-dependent change in the properties of certain alloys and also increases the hardness of the alloy. This would happen naturally over time (a process referred to as natural aging), but heat-treatment speeds up the process to achieve the desired end-use properties (referred to as artificial aging). Except for strain aging and age softening, it is the result of precipitation from a solid solution of one or more compounds. For each alloy susceptible to aging, there is a unique range of time-temperature combinations to which it will respond. Wisconsin Oven conveyor and batch ovens are tried, true and industry-vetted for superior aluminum hardening of aluminum casts. Commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, transportation industries, aluminum aging ovens are used to manufacture durable components for long-term use.

Wisconsin Oven designs and manufactures aluminum age ovens in 52 standard sizes with custom options available. We consider all the factors that come into play including rapid heating, tight temperature uniformity, safety-critical components, high precision and repeatability, and specific client needs including compact designs to minimize floor space.

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