Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnaces

Aluminum Solution Heat Treatment

The purpose of solution heat treatment is to evenly dissolve the alloys contained in the aluminum and then rapidly quench it to retain the grain structure. The aluminum alloy is heated and held at a temperature sufficiently high for a definitive amount of time to achieve a nearly homogenous solid solution where all constituents have dissolved. After rapid cooling, the material is in an unstable state. 


Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnaces

Wisconsin Oven has designed standard aluminum heat treat ovens and custom furnaces to accommodate quench delays as quick as 3 seconds. Common uses included the solution heat treatment of aluminum extrusions, sheet metal, and castings. Our goal is to provide an accurate reliable aging solution heat treatment process while providing repeatable results and efficiency of material handling and workflow. Our aluminum heat treatment ovens and processing equipment include drop bottom furnaces, horizontal quench furnaces, quench tanks, air quenches, and aluminum age ovens.

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