Industrial Baking Ovens

The term “baking” is often used interchangeably with “curing”. Baking refers to the use of heat to release moisture, volatile compounds, or entrained gases from a coating or other material. This method is used for finishing products with heat. In powder coating, baking refers to heating the powder-coated part to melt (and crosslink if applicable) the coating. 

Wisconsin Oven does not manufacture ovens for the food industry, however, a variety of choices for non-food baking applications are offered, which include our industrial conveyor ovens and furnaces, batch & bench ovens, walk-in, and conveyor ovens. These industrial baking ovens offer your choice of air flow patterns with custom sizes and configurations available. The same ovens that offer baking capabilities also offer other applications as well such as curing, drying, aging, and annealing.


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